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  • Over 717,359 Amtrak local riders in 2016.

Economic Impact:

  • In 2016, Amtrak generated over:

    • 2,800 jobs 

    • $166M in earnings for the Delaware economy

    • $1.7M in tourist spending

    • $173K in federal taxes, $35K in state taxes, and $23K in local taxes from tourist spending

Delaware Rail Projects that Need
Federal Investments
  • Newark Regional Transportation Center ($88,879,328)

  • Delaware Third Track Program ($45,000,000)

  • Claymont Regional Transportation Center ($71,425,235)

  • C35 Projects (Estimated Funding Needed Through FY36)

    • Landlith Interlocking - Wine Interlocking NEC Section Improvement Project ($730,000,000)

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