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The Northeast Corridor (NEC) runs 457 miles from Washington, D.C. to Boston, MA. The corridor runs through eight states, has four different right-of-way owners, and is used by passenger and intercity rail as well as freight. Each day, the corridor serves over 800,000 trips — 780,000 on eight commuter railroads and over 40,000 on Amtrak’s intercity services.


  • NEC region is home to more than 51 million people and four of the ten largest metropolitan areas in the United States.

  • NEC region produces $3 trillion in annual economic output.

  • NEC moves a workforce that contributes more than $50 billion annually to the national economy.

  • NEC hosts 820,000 trips each day and 260 million trips per year making it America’s busiest passenger railroad.

  • According to the Northeast Corridor Commission, “The loss of the NEC for a single day could cost the country $100 million in added congestion, productivity losses, and other transportation impacts.”

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