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CNEC Congratulates Amit Bose for Being Named FRA Deputy Administrator


January 21, 2021


Mike Friedberg


(Washington, D.C.) – On January 21, the Coalition of the Northeast Corridor (CNEC) congratulated its very own Chairman of the Board, Amit Bose, for being named to serve as the Deputy Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

Amit formerly served as the FRA Deputy Administrator, FRA Chief Counsel, U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Associate General Counsel, and USDOT Deputy Assistant Secretary during the Obama Administration. During his tenure, he worked on a number of projects benefiting the Northeast Corridor (NEC) including, but not limited to, issuing High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail grants for projects, such as Boston South Station; delivering a $2.5 billion Railroad Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Financing (RRIF) loan to Amtrak for its next generation of Acela rail cars; and working on the environmental review of the following projects: Baltimore and Potomac (B&P) Tunnel, Susquehanna Bridge, NEC Future, Portal Bridge and Gateway Tunnel.

“Members of the CNEC send their congratulations to Amit as he takes on his new role as FRA Deputy Administrator,” said Mike Friedberg CNEC Executive Director. “Amit has a long history of advocating for and securing infrastructure investments along the NEC. The CNEC feels confident that with Amit’s expertise and leadership, the FRA will signal a new era of federal investments and backing of critical projects that increase rail capacity, ensure the safety of passenger rail, and increase employment opportunities for those residing along the NEC.”

CNEC is the business community’s voice for strengthening rail infrastructure in order to reduce congestion, create jobs and grow the economy. We represent diverse stakeholders who rely on the Corridor to conduct commerce, access customers, and transport employees.

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Bobby Matthews
Bobby Matthews
Oct 06, 2021

Very creative ppost

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