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CNEC Holds the First Rail Industry Working Group Meeting

September 6, 2022


Mike Friedberg


(Washington, D.C.) – On August 29, the Coalition for the Northeast Corridor (CNEC or the Coalition) held the first Rail Industry Working Group (Working Group) meeting to discuss the implementation of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). Currently, there are more than 100 projects along the Northeast Corridor (NEC or the Corridor) that require federal backing. While ridership numbers have begun returning to normal, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact America’s rail network and must be considered when implementing BIL funds. For this reason, the Working Group, attended by members of the CNEC and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), met to discuss issues vital to project planning and delivery.

“Today, the CNEC convened a meeting to discuss critical issues currently facing the ability of states and cities to improve the safety and reliability of rail infrastructure along the NEC,” said Mike Friedberg, CNEC Executive Director. “Addressing issues from inflation to project management, the CNEC is committed to reducing highway congestion, shortening commute times, creating meaningful employment opportunities, bolstering regional economies, and providing consumers with an affordable, low-carbon transportation option that is in line with the administration’s climate goals. We look forward to continue our work with FRA through the Working Group to move the Corridor into the future.”

CNEC is the business community's voice for strengthening rail infrastructure in order to reduce congestion, create jobs and grow the economy. We represent diverse stakeholders who rely on the Corridor to conduct commerce, access customers, and transport employees.


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