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News Signal: CNEC Applauds Fed-State Partnership Awards

CNEC Applauds the Biden Administration for Awarding $16.4 Billion to the Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Grant Program

November 7, 2023


Mike Friedberg


(Washington, D.C.) -- On November 6, 2023, President Biden announced$16.4 billion in new funding for 25 passenger rail projects on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor through the Federal Railroad Administration’s Federal State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail grant program. The investments will rebuild aging tunnels and bridges, upgrade tracks, and advance future planning studies to improve travel times. The funding will also create more than 100,000 union jobs in construction. The $16.4 billion will be dispersed through nearly $9 billion in fiscal 2022 and 2023 funds and $7.4 billion in future commitments. Below is a breakdown of the major awarded projects, all of which are along the Northeast Corridor.

  • $3.8 billion in a phased funding agreement for the Gateway Hudson River Tunnel (NY/NJ)

  • $4.7 billion in a phased funding agreement for the Fredrick Douglass Tunnel (MD)

  • $2.1 billion in a phased funding agreement for the Susquehanna River Bridge (MD)

  • $1.6 billion in a phased funding agreement for the Penn Station Access (NY)

  • $827 million for the Connecticut River Bridge (CT)

“CNEC applauds the Fed-State Partnership announcement of awards. We are very excited about the release of these funds for improvements to the Corridor”, said Mike Friedberg, CNEC Executive Director. “Now, it is vitally important that the implementation of such funds are successful. As a coalition that includes the world’s best architecture and engineering firms, we look forward to working with the administration to ensure success.”

The Coalition for the Northeast Corridor (CNEC) is the business community's voice for strengthening rail infrastructure in order to reduce congestion, create jobs, and grow the economy. We represent diverse stakeholders who rely on the Corridor to conduct commerce, access customers, and transport employees. For the full list of Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Fed-State NEC project selections, please click here; more information about the Fed-State Partnership Program can be found here.


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